SMA Aero Engines is in transition to become TC Holder of the SR305 Engine Program, Jet Fueled piston engines for general aviation and aeronautical applications. SMA Aero Engines will in parallel become STC Holder of the Installation of the SR305 Engine on Cessna C182. Transfer of responsibilities is expected to be accomplished by end of 2020.

SMA Aero Engines, as part of the Röder Group, will develop, manufacture and is selling together with the Röder Präzision GmbH (part of the Group) this new generation of compression ignition engines, purposely-designed for aeronautical applications and STC´s for different platforms. The SR305 engines are specifically designed for single and multi-engine aircraft with 230HP and 260HP Transfer of full responsibilities is expected by end of 2020.

SMA Aero Engines supports from now on OEMs for new applications, by offering specific versions of engines adapted to their application requirements, and providing technical assistance throughout integration and certification.

Reflecting a constant focus on innovation, SMA Aero Engines will continually investing on the technologies needed to guarantee the future of its technology which offers derivative applications and help the aviation to reduce carbon emissions.