SR305-230E® & SR305-260E®

The current 230 hp version SR305-230E designed for the general aviation market, specifically for jet fuels aircraft, has been certified by EASA and FAA in 2011 The SR305-230E is intended for OEM’s integration programs. It is designed for single or multi-engine application, and for professional as well as private use.

The SR305-230E offers the following advantages: use of jet fuels available around the world, fuel cost savings by over 30% compared to Avgas engines, optimized aircraft operation, and no lead exhaust.

  • Four cylinders
  • Certified ceiling : 20,000 ft
  • Critical altitude : 10,000 ft
  • Constant speed of propeller : 2,200 rpm

In order to meet market needs, SMA Aero Engines is currently studying more powerful version of the current engine.

A 260hp Variant is as well EASA-Certified and available for installations, called SR305-260E. This more powerful variant is based on the SR305-230E to assure commonalities and offers higher power.